Outsourcing – Frees up your Time :

  • Save time on staff recruitment and training.
  • Focus on core business activities and increases your sales.

Outsourcing – Saves Your Money :

  • Reduce software cost, computer cost and office space.
  • Reduce administration hassle of paying staff salaries and other staff benefits including annual leaves, sick and casual leave and performance bonuses etc.
  • Reduce the need to send staff for training and getting replacement.

Outsourcing – Gets you an Experienced and Qualified Accounting Team :

    • Service by Chartered Accountant and EBOS team equipped with the most updated accounting rules and regulations.
    • No more headaches when staff leave your firm or go on long leaves which will affect your day to day work. We provide monthly Statements of Accounts to your debtor.
    • No need to worry about your staff’s competency in addressing IRAS and GST issues.
    • Enjoy peace of mind by taking outsource accounting services where we assist in PIC claims for Free.
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