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Now InvoiceNow (Peppol e-invoicing) Ready with Financio Premium

EBOS recommends Financio Premium for business owners who wants an affordable Cloud Accounting Software.  Financio Premium works with DBS and provide 24/7 bank sync. With such features, entrepreneurs and Cloud Accountants could perform bank reconciliation and identify missing data at a very fast speed.

As a Certified Financio Advisor, we have hear positive feedback from users such as beautiful invoices with QR Code for PayNow process. Financio, Cloud Accounting Software also allows more than 1 EBOS Cloud Accountant to access the clients system. This has greatly improved our process flow when EBOS Cloud Accountants implemented a Peer to Peer or Senior to Peer checking system for all accounting assignments.

We strongly encourage you to learn more about Financio through our online training via Youtube or Resources.

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QuickBooks Accountant
  • Cloud Accounting Automation
  • Singapore GST Compliant
  • Bank Integration with DBS Bank
  • Bank Level security Features
  • Customised E-Quotation & E-Invoice
  • Recurring Invoice
  • Financio Connect Supplier and Customers
  • Partners Collaboration
  • Mutilingual Interface
  • Live Chart and Dashboard
  • Allow multiple users to access the system
  • Mobile-ready application with CONNECT
  • InvoiceNow Ready

If you’re interested in implementing Financio accounting software services into your company, EBOS Cloud Accountants is your best solution.


EBOS Cloud Accountants is now the pre-approved InvoiceNow solutions provider for Financio by IMDA

Try Peppol-ready E-invoicing for free today with Financio Premium

Send and receive e-invoices through the Peppol Network without changing your financial software or system.

To get on board with InvoiceNow E-Invoicing, simply contact us and we will onboard you to Financio so you can add your business partners and start exchanging e-invoices immediately.


Get Paid Faster

Process your invoices and get approval faster to ensure payments are made on time 

Reduced Cost 

E-invoicing can deliver substantial cost savings of 60 to 80 per cent due to less manual processes 

Increase Automation 

Automate data-entry and validation to reduce human error when processing e-invoices

Save Environment

Eliminates the need for paper. No energy is wasted in producing and transporting all those documents


Keep your team and business healthy during this period by going fully digital. We are 100% digitalize with Incorporation, Corporate Secretary, Cloud Accounting, Compliance with ACRA and IRAS, Merger and Acquisition so that we can help your business to buy, sell and operate faster and remotely during this period. You can also get to speak to our Success Team to find out the solutions that you can adapt to run your operation within
24 hours.


& Our Cloud Accountants will get back to you within the next business day.

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