Cloud Accounting & Payroll

Our monthly bookkeeping packages are tailored to help our clients with grow from a 1 man show to a big organisation.

Cloud Accountant Makes You

A Better Entrepreneur

Smart Entrepreneurs have been using us with very minimal number of transactions (as little as 2 per month) from investment holding to be compliance with ACRA and IRAS. On-line retailers use us for the vast number of transactions to ensure that their GST submission is done on a timely basis and track their Gross profit margin. We provide early Tax planning to ensure that Smart Entrepreneurs is ready for Tax submission on the following years. Nothing is done on the last minute to give you a heart attack.


  • Sales and Accounts do not share the same data
  • Staffs are slow and not responsive to your daily request because of overwhelming paperworks.
  • Traditional accounting firm losing paperwork after it was sent to the accounting firm
  • EBOS Cloud Accountants track your EXPENSES when you upload receipts onto our Cloud Storage using mobile phone


  • Minimise Face to Face Interaction
  • Fully online with Customer, Supplier, Colleagues and your dedicated Cloud Accountants
  • Team Work Enabled – Sale Personnel invoices can be seen by team members immediately using the same Cloud Accounting Software such as Financio and SMECEN


  • Your Business on the GO
  • Improve your Financial Cash Flow when you have Reliable Data
  • Send Invoice & Statement of Accounts to clients directly from a click on your mobile phone on using automation function in Cloud Accounting Software


Simple ABC Package for COMPLIANCE 

A = Online Cloud Accounting
B = Un-Audited Financial Report + Tax Reports (Inclusive in Cloud Accounting Package)
C = Annual General Meeting + Annual Return + 1 year Corporate Secretary with government filing fee (Inclusive in Corporate Secretary Package)

No Hidden Charges

Cloud Accounting Business

Jump Start Package

We will help you set up your Cloud Accounting so that you can jump start immediately.

Step 1 – Set up your system
Step 2 – Private 1 to 1 training from Cloud Accountant
Step 3 – Start billing your clients immediately
Step 4Cloud Accountants handle your expenses and other accounting matters on a weekly and                          monthly via Dropbox / Receipt Bank
Step 5 – Monthly Management report available on Financio / QuickBooks / Dashbod / XERO 
Step 6 – Our Qualified Accountants  will prepare your Yearly Un-Audited Financial Report + Tax Report
Step 7 – Corporate Secretarial Department will process your Annual Return and Annual General                                Meeting  for a one stop compliance solution.
Step 8 – Form C/CS will be filed

We are the best valued in terms of QUALITY and TRANSPARENT by reducing paperwork and increased productivity for our clients and EBOS Cloud Accountants.

We pledge ourselves to work with INTEGRITY to protect client’s confidential information at the highest level. We grow our clients by engaging them in ProKakis Network to gain brand awareness as we are ENTREPRENEURS too.

Wait ! I want to add Painless Payroll Services

Base Fee $100 for 1st 3 employees ( Quarterly Billing )  

For every additional staff : S$25/nett

1.       Payroll calculation

       –          Our Payroll Service calculate actual salaries and statutory tax deductions using IRAS compliant Cloud Payroll Software.

       –          We will help in calculating monthly overtime, shift hours, expense claims, bonus, sales commissions and deductions payable to your employees.

       –          Timely updates of tedious and time-consuming salary variation data as part of our Payroll Service with the ability to edit the payroll data with ease as per the changes in the salary of the employees.

      –          Ensure compliance to the Singapore Employment Act – statutory terms, requirements and contributions such as CPF

      –          Calculate the salary for new hires and resigned employees based upon the number of working days registered by them upon termination of service and arrange settlement on your behalf.

2.       Payslip Distribution

       –          Provide a list of employees’ payroll summary including net-pay amounts for your approval, then process payslip to employees and local statutory authorities on scheduled time

3.       CPF submission

      –          e-Submission of your files to The Central Provident Fund (CPF) and ensure that the reports are generated and submitted on time


4.       Form IR8A and submission to IRAS        

     –          Preparation of annual income Tax Forms to employees and IRAS

     –          Distribution of IR8A Forms Softcopy to all employees’ emails by 28 February each year before e-submission to IRAS.


ADD ON : Application of CPF Account        

     –          $200 One-off  (Waived off when you prepay 6 months services of Payroll Managed Service)


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