Our reliable outsourced accounting services lets you focus on your core business.

Most business owners tend to question the real impact that outsource accounting services have on their business. What they often fail to take into consideration is the greater time loss associated with NOT having professional accounting support from a reliable Cloud Accounting Firm.

When a business is young, income and expense streams may be relatively small. It may be easier to manage inflow and outflow without a professional accountant. As a result, many owners do a fair job of managing without relying on outsourcing accounting services. However, as your company grows, you will start having more staff, bigger clients, and more complicated business operations. These variables can mean an increase in time-consuming bank reconciliations and data entries. By the end of the financial year-end, most entrepreneurs will discover that the books are incomplete, and it can also contribute to late payment penalties, missed accounts receivable, and inaccurate tax submission.

In any business, accounting is a vital role in running a company as it helps you monitor revenue and expenditure, guarantee statutory compliance, and provide quantitative financial data to investors, managers, and governments that can be used to make smart business decisions. For starting companies, it is often a difficult task to juggle various business functions such as Product development, Marketing, Personnel, Finance, and so on. So, why not leave your financial needs with outsource accounting in Singapore?


Save valuable time on staff recruitment and training. Sometimes it’s a hassle and takes a lot of time to train your new staff on accounting on top of the hiring process especially for newly incorporated companies in Singapore.

Outsourced accounting services enables you to focus on your core business activities and increases your sales with limited resources so that you can improve profitability. You will be able to spend more time with your clients so that they can be offered a greater level of service by your company. Concentrate on your strengths to allow your business to SCALE TO THE NEXT GOAL.


Reduce software cost, computer cost and office space when you outsource your accounting needs. Utilize your funds for more impactful business functions.

Reduce administration requirements of paying staff salaries and other staff benefits including annual leaves, sick and casual leave and performance bonuses etc.

Reduce the need to send staff for training and getting replacement which could be costly for companies which are just starting out.


Equipped with the most updated Cloud Accounting Solution, Payroll Solution, Payment Solution, Digital Bank Solution, E-commerce Solution and Digital Branding Solution. Automated admin save you time to a quicker, more effective and more efficient higher-quality business decision making

Management report + Payroll report + Expenses report + Auto sync bank report, E-commerce integration + Digital branding creation makes your business better.



Businesses must take control of their finances by overlooking their monthly financial data and inputting them correctly into the system. This is necessary as the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) will need to know your financial records if a tax audit has to be carried out hence a year-end report is a must for every business in Singapore.

We also understand that it is difficult and tedious to manage accounting alone unless you have a team of skilled accountants in the company. However, you can also outsource your accounting needs to improve efficiency and manage the required tasks while relieving you from stress. In either case, make the most of your business’ data by choosing the best possible professional services.

As it is hard for businesses to manage their accounting and finances, we decided to make it easy for businesses to get the best outsource accounting in Singapore. At EBOS, we offer the best accounting services and produce accurate financial reports, submitting them to the IRAS without compromising on quality.

Failing to collect from your customers in a timely manner, could leave your business with CASHFLOW issue to support daily operations. Not only will you miss out on the business opportunity that the cash could be generating, but you may also have to resort to bank overdraft to cover certain expenses. 

– Without the efficient cash flow inflow, your company runs the risk of incurring debt and paying bills late. Being late pay master, will damage the relationships, in turn, could cost your business money should a supplier decide to switch your account to cash on delivery.

– When you use a professional outsourced accounting service to support your accounts receivables process, they can help ensure your invoices are sent out promptly and also follow up on up to date statement of Accounts. That way, you can rest easy knowing that your business has a predictable healthy cash flow


Switch to EBOS Accountant who always have the answer
Your transition will be seamless with us because we have difference expertise in your business operation ranging from business set up to getting investment for your new project.

Our team will directly contact your current accounting services provider. We will check with ACRA and IRAS and close the gap with the government for any incomplete filing. We’ll inform you about the available tax exemptions, too, so you can pay your taxes properly.

We got your business under control, so you can focus on growing your business.


We are committed to providing the most up-to-date accounting services for businesses in Singapore and a unique experience to clients with a high-level of service.

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