Outsource Accounting

Our reliable outsourced accounting services lets you focus on your core business

In any business, accounting is a vital role in running a company as it helps you monitor revenue and expenditure, guarantee statutory compliance, and provide quantitative financial data to investors, managers and governments that can be used to make smart business decisions. For starting companies, it is often a difficult task to juggle various business functions such as Product development, Marketing, Personnel, Finance and so on. So, why not leave your financial needs with outsource accounting in Singapore?


Which is why a lot of small businesses choose to outsource accounting in Singapore as it is the most viable option when resources, manpower and funds are low. Here are some of the benefits to outsource accounting services:

Outsourced Accounting Services – Frees up your Time:

·         Save valuable time on staff recruitment and training. Sometimes it’s a hassle and takes a lot of time to train your new staff on accounting on top of the hiring process especially for newly incorporated companies in Singapore.


·         Outsourced accounting services enables you to focus on your core business activities and increases your sales with limited resources so that you can improve profitability. You will be able to spend more time with your clients so that they can be offered a greater level of service by your company. Concentrate on your strengths to allow your business to SCALE TO THE NEXT GOAL.

Outsourced Accounting Services – Saves Your Money:

·         Reduce software cost, computer cost and office space when you outsource your accounting needs. Utilize your funds for more impactful business functions.

·         Reduce administration requirements of paying staff salaries and other staff benefits including annual leaves, sick and casual leave and performance bonuses etc.

·         Reduce the need to send staff for training and getting replacement which could be costly for companies which are just starting out.

Outsource Accounting Services – Gets you an Experienced and Qualified Accounting Team:

·         Service by Chartered Accountants and EBOS team equipped with the most updated accounting rules and regulations. Working with accounting experts will provide more quicker, more effective and more efficient higher-quality accounting data in less time to create better business decisions.

·         No more headaches when staff leave your firm or go on long leaves which will affect your day to day work. We provide monthly Statements of Accounts to your debtor.