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Company Incorporation Guide

Singapore business incorporation begins here and EBOS is well known to service aspiring entrepreneurs, foreign shareholders and mid-size corporations in establishing their headquarters in Singapore

We provide online company incorporation services in Singapore, online corporate secretary (E-Signatory), cloud accountants who are professional trainers with Dashbod , Entrepryze, Financio, XERO and KYC Due Diligence for global business owners.

We guide you step by step through personalized 1 to 1 service and invites you to ProKakis Business Clinic to showcase your product and services. We believe the important of Human touch in digital business world. 

Company Incorporation Services in Singapore

 Before you register your Singapore company, you’ll need to be aware of these requirements: 


1. How to Start a Business in Singapore

Your company name must first get the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) approval before you can officially proceed to incorporate your company. ACRA will reject a proposed company name for the purpose of incorporation if it is

  • Similar to another existing Company Name
  • Vulgar or inappropriate;
  • Similar to established Names or trademarks such as Temasek and Raffles 

2. Who can be shareholders 

For company incorporation in Singapore, a person or a corporate entity can be Shareholders. The shareholders can be foreigners or local. There is no restriction for the company to be owned fully by a foreigner. Every entrepreneur planning on starting a company in Singapore will need to undergo the incorporation process – and this applies to both Singapore residents and foreigners. Details of shareholders will be available on viewing.  


3. Who can be directors

Singapore Private Limited Company can have multiples directors, locally and foreigner. However, there must be at least 1 local director who must be a  Singapore citizen, a Singapore permanent resident, or a person who holds an Employment Pass/EntrePass with a residential address in Singapore. The Employment Pass must belong to the company that he is holding a position as the director.  The director must be at least 18 years of age and all information of the directors will appear on ACRA, which is publicly available.  If you plan to work in Singapore, you are required to obtain an Employment Pass or Entrepreneur Pass, which will allow you to stay in Singapore and act as the local resident director of your company. 

4. Who can be the corporate secretary

All Singapore Companies must also appoint a competent Company Secretary who can assist you with the ACRA Filing and ensure that you are filing the correct documents to ACRA on a timely basis. Under Singapore Companies Act, every company must appoint a company secretary within six months of incorporation. EBOS Cloud Accountant will arrange a professional Company Secretary when we incorporate the company for you. 

5. Who much should I prepare for Share Capital/Paid-up Capital

Minimum of S$1 in initial paid-up capital.  Share or paid-up capital can be increased or reduced anytime after incorporation of the company. 

6. Do I have to be in Singapore

All company incorporation services in Singapore can be handled remotely. 

7. How do I set up my bank account

All company incorporation services in Singapore done by EBOS Cloud Accountants will have access to a digital bank and a local bank so that you can starts operation immediately at the fastest and most convenient way. 


Ready for Company Incorporation Services in Singapore


1. How long does the company incorporation in Singapore takes

The company registration procedure in Singapore is fully online with EBOS and ACRA. We can complete the task within 1 hour once ACRA has given the approval for the name reservation and incorporate process. 

2. How will I know when my Singapore company has been incorporated

EBOS will send you the completed forms including the business profile and all necessary post-incorporation forms via the online e-sign app. 

3. What is my next step after incorporation

EBOS will arrange for the bankers to contact you for a speedy banking setup. Should you need assistance with the documentation required, a small administrative fee can be arranged to speed up the complicated process.

4. What do I need to do after successful incorporation in Singapore

Corporate Pass – Obtaining a corporate pass is the most important work of a local director. Without a corporate pass, you cannot request for license or even appoint a tax agent to arrange for GST application after your company is corporated. 

Licenses and Permits – Some business activities require a business license in Singapore. Essentially, a business license is a permit issued by a Singapore government agency that allows you to conduct a specific type of business. Even if your business firm has been registered you cannot begin operation unless you have obtained approval from the relevant Singapore Agency. 

Import of Goods – Custom Registration is mandatory if your business activities involve import, export, and transshipment in and out of Singapore. Upon getting your bank account set up, get into the Singapore Customs website and obtain a CR Number or commonly known as Custom Registration. 

Singapore Goods and Services Tax Registration (GST) – Companies that deal with the import of goods will immediately request for GST account to ensure all import tax will be refundable. You may also choose to register for GST voluntarily. Approval for voluntary registration is at the discretion of the Comptroller in IRAS. Once approval is given, you must remain registered for at least two years.

Singapore Central Provident Fund (CPF) – The Central Provident Fund or CPF is a compulsory social security fund scheme in which the employer and employee contribute a percentage of the monthly salary to the fund.  CPF contribution is mandatory for all local employees who are Singaporean and Singapore Permanent residents. The rate is 17% and 20% for employer and employee and reduced due to the ages of the employees.  

What You Need For Company Incorporation Services In Singapore

✓ 1 local director who has to be a Singaporean or Singapore Permanent Resident.

✓ 1 Individual / Corporate Shareholders.

✓ $1 as Paid up Capital.

✓ 1 to 2 choices of company name.

✓ 1 to 2 principal activity.

✓ Copies of identity cards, copies of passports and proof of address for foreigners.

Company Incorporation Services In Singapore
Company Incorporation Price Tag

For Singaporean and PR

Company Incorporation Price Tag

Company with Foreigner


Our Singapore Business Incorporation Package

Company Start Up Services

Incorporation, Corporate Secretary & Bank Opening

Get a Singapore registered company within 1 hour.

  • Name checking and application
  • Company Incorporation Fee
  • All registration forms + KYC compliance
  • Constitution + Business Profile
  • Digital Compliance Kit ( E-Notification of Incorporation, E-share certificates, Register book, First board minutes )
  • Corporate Secretary Agent – 6 Months
  • Bank introduction and opening services ( For Singaporean & Singapore PR ) 

Note : All govt fee inclusive

Nominee Director

Nominee Director

Business Migration or Setting up a new office from overseas ? EBOS is fully trained to assist your expansion into Singapore and ASEAN market.  Our vast knowledge and business connections ensure that you starts on the right track with a “Professional” local director.


  • From $2,640 per year ( Renew annually )
  • Security deposit of $2,000 ( The security deposit helps to cover the cost of winding the company when the company did not file Annual Return on time. ) 
  • Management assistance available on helping to set up the business by Professional ( Additional Cost )
Registered Address of company

Registered Address

Setting up from overseas? Use EBOS Cloud Accountants to assist you virtually.

Virutal Office :  $240 ( Renew annually )

This includes:

  • An address in Singapore to be used for your incorporation
  • Dedicated Cloud Storage for all mail to be scanned and uploaded for your review
  • Save your time from junk mail and collection of letters
Optional Services

Optional Services

  1. For more than 4 directors/shareholders or corporate shareholder – $50
  2. For hard copy of incorporation certificate – $150
  3. For Electronic copy of incorporation certificate – $50
  4. For Company Stamp – $60
    (Inclusive delivery)
  5. Opening of bank accounts for foreigner – $500 onward
Company Incorporation To-Do List

Can I Use My Existing Name For A Newly Company Incorporation In Singapore?

EBOS Cloud Accountants will provide a free consultation to understand your business structure and requirement in a smooth transition. We will guide you how to achieve the least impact to your existing business when you set up a new Company in Singapore.

Converting From Sole Proprietorship Into PTE. LTD.

A step by step guideline is as follow:

Company Incorporation Step 1

No Objection Letter

A letter known as ‘No objection letter’ stating that the Sole Proprietorship’s owner will not object the use of the business name to be the name of the new private limited company will be required.

Company Incorporation Step 2

Incorporating a Private Limited Company

We will prepare to incorporate your company, indicating that the company is to take over the business of the sole proprietorship, as well as the effective transition date.

Company Incorporation Step 3

Transfer of Assets

After the interim approval by ACRA, all business assets and liabilities will be officially transferred to the newly incorporated private limited company. In some circumstances, you will need to engage a lawyer to prepare novation tenancy agreement and contracts. Notification to JTC will also be required for transfer of title deed. Our friendly lawyer partners will assist if you need assistance for such procedures. Transferring of assets and liabilities must be immediate as your existing sole proprietorship business must be closed within 6 months of incorporating your new private limited company based on the submission required for ACRA Filing.


What Must I Transfer When I do Company Incorporation in Singapore?

  1. Bank Accounts – Please close your sole-proprietorships’ bank accounts immediately. Open a new bank account(s) under the under the private limited company.
  2. Net Assets – Sole-Proprietorship owner can get the latest list of assets and its net asset value to be converted as paid up company in the Private Limited Company. A resolution or agreement will be required to ensure that all items are properly recorded as the opening balance in the new company.
  3. Trade Receivable – A letter should be send to all existing trade debtors indicating the change to Private Limited Company. You should also provide a new GIRO application form if your customer has been paying via GIRO.
  4. Trade Payable – All creditors must be settled before the closure of the Sole-Proprietorship. Creditors will also include any fines and penalties that exists in the Sole-Proprietorship.
  5. Service Agreement issued from the Sole-Proprietorship – A letter stating the change of business entity and business structure will be required at the earliest stage.
  6. Contracts / Leases issued to the Sole-Proprietorship – A novation or new contract or lease will be required under the new Private Limited Company.
  7. Licences/ permits – Licences and permits are usually not transferable to another company with a difference UEN. Hence, it is important that you obtain the necessary application form and pre-requisite documents for the submission to various government authorities.
Company Incorporation Step 4

Cessation of Sole Proprietorship

Once the above is concluded, ACRA is to be informed that you have ceased to carry on the business as Sole-Proprietorship. ACRA will review and give a final approval upon the submission such notice.

EBOS Cloud Accountants Will Assist You With Step 1 To Step 4.

Add a small fee of $100 to your existing Company Incorporation Singapore Package to complete this BIG step to your Private Limited Company Incorporation.