Setup your business company in British virgin islands (BVI)

Fast incorporation to the best offshore jurisdiction for International Business Invesment

INcorpation of british virgin island (BVI)

Company – from $2,500

It’s in the middle of the region, it’s political stable & transparent policies

For Incorporation of British Virgin Island (BVI) Company 

BVI Company Registration for a company with share capital of no more than 50,000 shares is USD$2,500 and for a company with share capital of over 50,000 shares is USD$3,500.

The fees covers;

– First year license fee
– First year registered agent and registered office
– One complete company kit
– Incorporation service charge
– Full set Incorporation Documents
– Share Certificate
– Memorandum & Articles
– Company Statutory Records


(1) An extra fee of USD$210 is applicable if a Chinese name is also registered

(2) The fees stated above does not include delivery fee, if any


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Company Renewal & Other items price list

Company Renewal Lead Day Price (US$)
on or before due date 1 1,780
not over 60 days after due date 1 1,890
  within 61 – 150 days after due date 1 2,330
151 days or over after due date 2 By Quotation
on or before due date 1 3,380
not over 60 days after due date 1 3,650
within 61 – 150 days after due date 1 4,730
151 days or over after due date 2 By Quotation
Company Restoration 30 By Quotation


Other Items Lead Day    Price (USD$)
Change of Company Name 13 1,220
Change of Authorized Shares not exceed 50,000 10 700
Change of Authorized Shares exceeds 50,000  10 2,560 
Any Changes of Director (Filing of Register of Director(s) included) 10 830
Any Changes of Shareholder 1 Free
Registration of Register of Member(s) 10 830
Registration of Resolution 10 850
Registration of Charge 13 1050
Registration of Cessation of Charges 13 1070
Legalisation of Document – by China (PRC) Embassy 28 4,840
Legalisation of Document – by Taiwan (ROC) Embassy 28 4,840
Legalisation of Document – other countries By Quotation
Provision of Legal Opinion By Quotation
Dissolution 93 5,410
Certificate of Incumbency (Standard) 3 250
Certificate of Incumbency (Descriptive) 3 380
Certificate of Registered Agent 3 250
Certificate of Good Standing 8 390
Duplicate Copy of Certificate of Incorporation 13 370
Certified True Copy by BVI Registry (per document) 13 360
Certified True Copy by OCS (per document) 2 140
Certificate of Tax Exemption 12 1,280
Application for Physical Certificate issued by Registry (per document) 100
Declaration of Economic Substance 1 490
Company Search 5 240
Re-printing M&A (5 Booklets) 5 160
Share Certificates (10 Sheets) 5 160
Company Chop (1 set) 2 160
Company Kit 1 160
Courier Fees By Quotation
Transfer In : Appoint OCS as Register Agent 10 Free
Transfer Out : Change of Registered Agent 10 1780
Bank Account Opening Referral Service 60 990

*Prices are subjected to changes. We reserve the right to amend any of the prices and relevant terms without any notice.

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