Corporate Secretarial Services

All companies in Singapore are required by the Companies Act, to appoint a company secretary within 6 months from the date of incorporation.

Corporate Secretarial Services

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company secretarial services

Why Do I Need A Corporate Secretarial Services?

  • Every company shall have one or more secretaries each of whom shall be a natural person who has his principal or only place of residence in Singapore.
  • Company secretaries do have a fiduciary responsibility to ensure that the company prepares it financial statement and when their annual filing and AGM needs to take place.
  • If ACRA does not receive a company’s annual financial reports, ACRA will contact the company secretary.
corporate secretarial services

What Does A Company Secretary Usually Do?

  • Liaise with ACRA, auditors and all the directors.
  • Preparing Director Resolutions in Writing (DRIW).
  • Preparing Annual General Meetings.
  • Filing to ACRA after DRIW is prepared.
Why Company Secretary?

Why Do I Need To Secure A Company Secretary From EBOS?

  • It is important that you engage a qualified company secretary in company secretary services because he/she is primarily responsible for the administrative and reporting to ACRA.
  • Engaging EBOS is the most effective way because we are your Cloud Accountants providing advice is the most efficient and effective way.
Affordable Company Corporate Secretary Services in Singapore

Why EBOS can bring you affordable Company Corporate Secretary Services in Singapore ?

  • Company should not be charge with premium fee.
  • EBOS reduces the manpower by using e-signatories.
  • EBOS saves precious time by minimizing unnecessary meet up for a simple signature.
  • EBOS provide dedicated cloud storage for all corporate secretary documents.
Corporate Secretary Services Checklist

Online Corporate Secretary

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 Cloud Corporate Secretarial Services

Basic Corporate Secretary - S$350 Nett
  • 12-months corporate secretary
  • 1 Annual General Meeting and 1 Annual filing with ACRA
  • $60 Government Fee
  • 1 Routine Director Resolution
  • ACRA Compliance alert & reminders
  • Maintenance of E-Statutory Books
  • Unlimited signing of documents by Corporate Secretary
  • Update member particulars such as passport number
  • Member Fee for ad-hoc corporate secretarial service.

  • *All services are nett including all KYC Due Diligence, government fee, disbursement fee and excluding fine.
Corporate Secretarial Services Price

Add Ons

AML REGULATIONS All additional of new directors and shareholders come with KYC Due Diligence services that guard your organization against white-collar crime including money laundering and fraud helping you to meet your compliance issue against money laundering and terrorism financing.  By incorporating KYC Due Diligence in the strategic plan, Companies who are actively seeking to attract investors will be fully assured that the paperwork and corporate governance of the company will perform to the best standard.   For more information, please chat with us online.

All fee chargeable are Not without any Disbursements fee and GST. Bulk discount will be given for multiple add-on request. Discount will be given to existing customers.

  • Common seal - $60
  • Company stamp - $24
  • 1 AGM and Annual Filing Services - $180 (Add $60 government filing fee)
Routine Resolution
  • Appointment of Auditors/ Director / Officers per pax - $100 (KYC inclusive)
  • Resignation of Auditors/ Director / Officers per pax - $100 (KYC inclusive)
  • Company Name - $100
  • Business Activities - $100
  • Financial Year End - $50
  • Officer Particulars - Complimentary
  • Registered Address - $50
  • Register of Registrable of Controllers - $50
  • Director Fee - $50
  • Dividend Declaration - $50
  • Dividend Preparation* (Dividend Calculation & Voucher) - $50 per pax

  • Non-Routine Resolution
    • Financial Year End* - $100 (ACRA & IRAS)
    • Share Capital Reduction - $500 for 1st pax, $200 for every additional pax  
        *All services are nett including all KYC Due Diligence, government fee, disbursement fee and excluding fine.
        *Member Rate available for all Basic Corporate Secretary Package.

      Share Related
      • Share transfer per pax - $150
      • Shares issue per pax - $150
      • Shares Reduction - $300 onward
      • Sales & Purchase Agreement for Merger & Acquisition - $350 onward

      • *All services are nett including all government fee, disbursement fee, excluding fine and e-stamping fee.
        *Special bulk share transfer and bulk share issue available for all Basic Corporate Secretary Package

Transparent And Affordable

  • We absorb all government filing fee even for non-routine activities
  • We store all your electronics signed documents in our secured cloud storage
  • We do not wait till weeks to generate documents
  • We do not charge you for any disbursement fee such as printing & stationery
  • We provide free cloud corporate secretary consultancy
Transparent And Affordable Corporate Secretarial Services
Cloud Corporate Secretary

Company Secretarial Services Includes

  • Formation of Singapore Company
  • Consultation of Company Structure for various stages of growing
  • Update e-registers and minute book
  • Submission of Annual Returns
  • Monitoring the filing deadlines
  • General corporate advisory
  • Striking off company
  • XBRL Filing