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Your Compliance with ACRA and IRAS is no longer a nightmare. EBOS Cloud Accounting Packages comprise of Cloud Accounting Software for E-Invoicing, Book-keeping, Financial Statements Preparation and Tax Computation.

EBOS Cloud Accountant is your saviour!

✓ We provide immediate set up and training

✓ We give personalised training with Cloud Accountant

✓ We key in all your expenses

✓ We handle painful bank reconciliation  

✓ We prepare Unaudited financial statements + Form CS Filing

✓ We handle time-consuming payroll , CPF and IR8A  

✓ We include best cloud Accounting Software for you to start earning revenue NOW


Unlimited Invoices

Unlimited Support

IRAS Tax Filing Ready

Financial Report Ready


Training Entrepreuners & Fellow Accountants


How do I access assistance from EBOS team?

We provide assistance from Livechat, Email, and WhatsApp during normal business hours.

What is the difference between buying from EBOS and subscribing directly with Cloud Accounting Vendors?

EBOS is a certified advisor and reseller of Dashbod, Enterpyze, Financio, QuickBooks and Xero.
The benefits we offer are exclusive on EBOS and cannot be enjoyed if you subscribe directly with Cloud accounting solutions providers.
• Bespoke training for a minimum of 4 cloud Accounting Solutions
• Customised Set up and professional Chart of Account for Tax Planning
• Unlimited support (via email and WhatsApp)
• Professional customisation with all ranges of apps to suit your business need
• Speedy response as we are well versed with the software and we have direct access to the Key Accounts Managers.

Is Cloud Accounting Software easy to use?

Yes it is! All Cloud accounting software is designed to be user-friendly.

Can I migrate data from my previous accounting software to Dashbod, Enterpyze, Financio, QuickBooks and Xero?

Convert from Excel, QuickBooks, XERO, MYOB, Wave, and other accounting systems easily with us seamlessly and effortlessly as EBOS is a certified advisor for 4 IRAS-compliant software. We provide 1 to 1 unlimited training for all Cloud Accounting Package users on any software that we are supporting and unlimited support as well.

Can I grow my Cloud Accounting solution so that it scales up with my business?

Yes, you can. EBOS groups of Cloud Accounting Software are flexible and it provides an effective accounting service for small businesses globally. Head to app marketplace for each software or talk to us to find a suite of applications that you can add on to your solution.

How can I integrate my cloud accounting to another system such as HR, Inventory management, E-Commerce, etc?

Yes. Most of our Cloud Accounting software can be integrated seamlessly with popular applications whether in inventory, e-commerce, expense management, project management &, etc. Some of our Cloud Accounting Solutions have inventory management modules and service call functions for the scale-up business.

Do I still need a Cloud Accountant since Cloud Accounting Softwares are designed for business owners?

Cloud Accounting systems have been designed to make data entry and recording as easy as possible. However, there are significant accounting knowledge and tax knowledge that a non-accountant may not be familiar with. Bank reconciliation discrepancy, bank loan, GST reconciliations, approved business expenses, fixed asset, and depreciation schedules are generally items worth considering getting a professional accountant to handle.

What is One (1) transaction?

One (1) transaction can be a debit/credit in bank statements and can also be a journal entry for deprecations, deferred tax, petty cash, and various journal entries to ensure that your accounts are properly done to comply with the relevant regulation.

Is Go EBOS Cloud Accounting Package worth the money?

Yes. Research has shown that businesses that use Cloud Accounting save at least 30% of their time and enjoy speedy cash inflow through better Accounts Receivable management. With Go EBOS, clients are guaranteed that there is always 1 software suitable for every business. With even have a Cloud Accounting Solutions that comes with unlimited payroll user access. It is a fixed price for 50 employees which resulted in drastic cost-saving while you increase your manpower.

What kind of services are available in Go EBOS Cloud Accounting Package?

1. Cloud Software Subscription
2. Go EBOS Set up Start up
3. Go EBOS Set up Booming
4. Go EBOS Migration
5. Go EBOS Training
6. Go EBOS Unlimited Support
7. Professional Book-Keeping services, Unaudited Financial Report, and Tax Planning.

Can I still change to a new accounting system if my current accounting record is in a mess?

We provide SOS accounting services and professional consultation to ensure that all records and properly transferred over by professional accredited EBOS Cloud Accountants. For business owners who do not have an in-house accountant, can rest assured that we will assist you 100%. Our clients range from Start-up, the Internet of Things, insurance firm, F & B outlets, e-commerce, investment holding, and even VCC companies.

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    In May 2019, EBOS Cloud Accountants pledged with IMDA to be part of the Digital Readiness movement. EBOS is ready to educate customers / clients / stakeholders on the use of digital services. We volunteer ourselves to give resources to support company who wants to equip their employees with digital skills.

    Most customers still find best cloud Accounting a myth and complicated to implement. EBOS Cloud Accountants makes life as easy as possible for busy business owners. This is why we take away complicated expenses and routine bank reconciliation from you. 

    EBOS Cloud Accountants looks at various ways to increase our customers productivity and efficiency.

    Many customers would compare the cost of Cloud Accounting Services vs traditional Tax and Accounting Services.  The recurring cost of Cloud Accounting software versus off the shelf product.

    Talk to EBOS Cloud Accountants now to find out why Singapore Government wants you to be Digital Ready.

     Here are some of the must ask


    What are Cloud Accounting Services?

    Best cloud Accounting refers to transactions performed over the Internet. You do not require a software to be install in your computers or own servers. Software as a Service (SAAS) model the business model adopted to suit your growing need to minimise huge capital investment. Creating an invoice and send e-invoice from any computer or smartphone.

    When can I terminate my Cloud Accounting Package?

    You can terminate it any time after the 1st year with 2 months advanced notice.

    Why Cloud Accounting Solution Is Better Than Traditional Tax And Accounting Services?

    • Automate recurring invoices in best cloud Accounting Software.
    • Automate many manual accounting services so it creates more time for Cloud Accountants to provide Business Intelligence to customers.
    • Ability to access the same set of data in any location and anytime.
    • Intimate communication with Sales Coordinators, Accountants and Customer and Business Owners.
    • Real-time processing in creating invoices and chasing customer for payment.
    • Scalable Cloud Accounting Software integrates with other Cloud technologies such as ZoHo, Quick-HR and Vend for rapid expansion.
    • Environment friendly with the use of less paper. This also reduce the manpower required to file and store the paper.
    • Reduce of cost in maintenance, upgrading and periodically enhancement to new servers in every 3 years.

    Is the Cloud Accounting Safe?

    Security is a top concern to business owners and Cloud Accounting Software. Cloud Accounting Services do more than just accounting services. Most solutions use state-of-the-art measures such as multi-factor authentication and encryption, ensuring sensitive data will remain secure. Back up by the cloud provider are done on a periodically basis.

    In a traditional desktop accounting software, a company data could be totally wipe off due to fire or software corruption.

    What Kind Of Cloud Accounting Software Is the Most Recommended?

    Quickbooks, Xero and Wave Accounting are tops choice of Cloud Accounting software in Asia. In EBOS, we do not charge any additional fee for Cloud Accounting Software. We believe that EBOS Cloud Accountants must provide Cloud Accounting Services to meet customers business growth.

    What If I need assistance on Payroll?

    EBOS Cloud Accountant will use Cloud Payroll Software so you have have the same access as well.  Just let us know your requirement when you are ready to engage EBOS Cloud Accountant.  Make your life as easier as possible is our priority so that you can focus on building your business quickly. Time is essences.


    Our Cloud Accountants will be happy to assist within 2 business days.


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