Previously, we covered on the top 5 eCommerce software that supports XERO integration before sharing on the top 5 inventory software that works best with XERO. Now, let’s look at the top 5 payroll software to use with XERO.


What is a payroll software?

Payroll software automates the payment of salaried, hourly, and contingent employees. Most payroll software systems include automatic calculation of withholding deductions, such as taxes, insurance, and retirement contributions.


Payroll software also commonly handles direct paycheck deposits, tax forms, and wage garnishments. Many payroll systems include self-service features that allow employees to view and download payroll checks online via mobile devices and computers, as well as change deduction amounts.


Now that we’ve covered the basic understanding of payroll software, let’s dive into our recommendations for you.


  1. SimplePay


SimplyPay is an online payroll software that is suitable for any size or industry. They offer payroll solutions to businesses in South Africa, Ireland, Singapore, and Hong Kong, ensuring that you follow all relevant legislation in your country. It is a complete payroll solution, from pay slips to reports to filing, with XERO integration to track payroll costs. You can also enable your employees to use SimplyPay self-service to view their pay stubs as well as request and view their vacation days. More importantly, SimplePay’s Xero integration allows you to post payroll data directly to Xero with the click of a button. You can segment your accounting information by cost centers/departments to gain a better understanding of your payroll expenses.


  1. HReasily


HReasily is a HR Tech company based in Asia, that is dedicated to providing the best-in-class HR platform. They offer solutions that help businesses run more smoothly by automating business processes such as payroll, staff management, claims, leave, time and attendance, and rostering/scheduling. Furthermore, HReasily has a seamless integration with XERO, as they push payroll data to Xero. When you approve a payroll in HReasily, it is automatically pushed into Xero. By leveraging the XERO ecosystem to build a scalable, interconnected business management system on the cloud, you save time and manpower while eliminating human error. Improve your business practices today with HReasily and Xero!


  1. Deel


Deel’s global payroll and compliant hiring utilizes a tech-enabled self-service process, allowing businesses to instantly hire full-time employees or independent contractors anywhere in the world legally and in minutes. Companies can use Deel to manage payroll and create localized legal contracts in over 150 countries. Teams can even choose how they want to withdraw their funds. Deel also supports Xero integration, giving you complete control over your business, from hiring an international team member legally to automatically reconciling their payroll at the end of the month. When a payment is processed, the integration will automatically sync all Deel invoices by creating a bill in your Xero account. In addition, your invoice and expense documents will be synced, and bill payments will be mapped to your saved payment methods.


  1. RosterElf


RosterElf is a cloud-based software platform that simplifies all SME staff rostering tasks. It handles everything from staff availability to rostering, shift swaps, clock-in/clock-out, and has payroll integration features built specifically for XERO. Their rostering software was created with you in mind; their online staff scheduling tools handle all your employee rostering needs and can make your life as a business owner much easier.


  1. Talenox


Talenox is a cloud-based HR software that allows you to manage payroll and leave while also storing important employee information in one place. Talenox, based in Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong, has been named Best Payroll Software by HRM Asia and works with Asia’s leading banks to help thousands of businesses manage payroll, leave, and employee information. The information in their Profiles, Payroll, and Leave apps are seamlessly synced and updated in real-time, and it is always up to date with the latest Employment Act/Ordinance and labor law changes. Talenox is also designed to be the most user-friendly application possible, allowing anyone – not just HR professionals – to use it.


That’s it – here’s our recommendations for payroll software that support XERO integration! Managing your payroll doesn’t have to be difficult, you just need the right software to do the job.

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