Do you use equipment rental software in your company? With rising demand and fierce competition, equipment rental companies may find it increasingly difficult to manage their operations, meet customer demands, maintain a healthy bottom line, and stay ahead of the competition.


What is the answer? A comprehensive rental equipment software solution could be the way to go. However, selecting, purchasing, implementing, deploying, and using software can be an expensive and time-consuming process.


Rental companies can use equipment rental software to run and organize their operations. This software can be used by rental companies to manage their inventory, track equipment maintenance, and perform many back-office functions such as accounting. Construction equipment rental software, event equipment rental software, recreational equipment rental software, and other services are all supported by equipment rental software. Many rental companies can use equipment rental software to manage all aspects of their operations, including POS and equipment tracking.


In this article, we’ll share our top 5 recommendations for the best equipment rental software that support Xero integration – Viberent, HireHop, Current RMS, EZRentOut and Rentman (in no particular order).


  1. Viberent


Viberent is a rental management system used by equipment rental companies all over the world. Viberent also streamlines rental operations from start to finish, saving rental companies 8 to 10 hours per week and thousands of dollars per month. The best part is that Viberent integrates directly through the Xero API, allowing users to create customers, items, and prepare short-term and long-term equipment rentals in Viberent. Viberent will post a Sales invoice to Xero when the customer is ready to be invoiced.


  1. HireHop


HireHop offers an affordable, modern, and powerful equipment rental software solution to the hire and rental industry. It was created by hire and rental industry veterans, with invaluable suggestions and feedback from their users. Because of their experience and feedback, they have been able to deliver software that is perfectly tailored for hire and rental companies, giving you the most intuitive, powerful, versatile, and feature-rich equipment rental software in the world. HireHop synchronizes your invoices, payments, purchase orders, credit notes, and contacts with Xero automatically and without user intervention. New HireHop contacts that are used in purchase orders or invoices are also automatically sent to Xero. You can enter payments or credit notes in Xero or HireHop against an invoice, and they will automatically synchronize and add them to each other, giving you the impression that HireHop and Xero are truly integrated. In HireHop, you can even assign multiple Xero companies to different depots.


  1. Current RMS


Current RMS is cloud rental management software designed for the AV, Events, and Broadcast rental industries. It manages the entire rental cycle, from initial inquiry to scanning items onto a job, to quoting and invoicing, all from a single centralized system. Current RMS, which is accessible from any device, expedites the day-to-day tasks involved in managing a rental business and streamlines the entire process from start to finish. The Current RMS package includes full training and support, automatic updates, and secure data backups. Current RMS integrates with Xero in four stages: linking organizations in Current to contacts in Xero, importing and exporting organizations, posting invoices and credits directly to Xero, and logging payments in Current that have been posted to Xero.


  1. EZRentOut


EZRentOut is an online rental solution that allows rental companies to manage items, orders, customers, and invoices all in one place. Any rental company that sells or rents out equipment, whether it’s a party rental company, an equipment rental company, or a construction rental company, can use EZRentOut to keep track of equipment utilization and maintenance, generate quotes and invoices, and stay ahead of late returns. The integrations of EZRentOut with Xero and a variety of payment gateways allow businesses to stay on top of accounting processes and get paid on time, every time! The EZRentOut Webstore, as well as a mobile app, make the rental process much easier for both you and your customers – whether you’re renting out tents for events or forklifts for warehouses!


  1. Rentman


Rentman simplifies the planning and management of events for event rental and production companies, whether they are large tours, productions, or dry-hires. Rentman organizes your inventory management, scheduling, and financial documentation into a single user-friendly system, allowing you to work smarter and faster. You can streamline your invoicing process further by connecting Xero and Rentman. You can use the integration to automatically sync your invoice data, ledgers, contact information, and so on.


There you have it, our top 5 recommendations for the best equipment rental software that can be used with Xero. We hope this list has been useful for you, and if you require additional recommendations for other types of software that support Xero integration, check out our other articles!

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