Accounting is vital for any business owner as it helps you to track your business income and expenditures, thereby allowing you to make informed business decisions. In today’s digital age, the switch from traditional accounting methods to cloud accounting practices is increasingly common. Out of the numerous cloud accounting software to choose from, which do you go for? We recommend XERO.


What is XERO?

Xero is a cloud-based accounting software for small businesses; it performs bookkeeping functions like invoicing and payroll and allows you to connect the program to a live bank feed. This accounting software allows you to automate both mundane and complicated financial tasks, allowing you to send quotes, invoice customers, submit expense claims and even reconcile bank transactions with live bank fees.

You may be wondering, but how am I able to integrate XERO with my eCommerce business? Fret not, in this article, we’ll look at five of the top-rated eCommerce software that integrate with XERO.



SHOPLINE is Asia’s largest smart commerce platform, enabling merchants to thrive anywhere. They offer a full-featured platform that enables merchants to easily build their online store and deliver an omni-channel experience. Their platform is intended for local small-to-medium-sized merchants to easily and personalize an online store without any need for technical expertise. Inventory and sales management, regional logistics, payment gateways, data analytics tools, storefront theme designs, local customer support, and everything else you need to start a store are among SHOPLINE’s key services.


  1. Wix eCommerce

Wix eCommerce is an all-in-one platform that comes equipped with all the tools and features you need to start, run and grow a successful business. Wix eCommerce offers multichannel selling due to their built-in ability to sell on Instagram as well as advanced ecommerce tools including abandoned cart recovery to catch customers who have left items in their checkout. Additionally, you can generate invoices and automatically process payments in Xero, sync Wix customer data, automate your entire order processing and do much more by connecting Wix and Xero.


  1. WooCommerce

It is simple to connect your WooCommerce store to your Xero account when you use WooCommerce. This allows you to set up automatic invoice creation for ecommerce sales. Every WooCommerce order is securely sent to Xero for up-to-date record-keeping. Product, tax, shipping, and discount information are all sent to Xero automatically. To keep the books balanced, payments are applied to the relevant invoice.


  1. Shopify

It is simple to connect and streamline your eCommerce sales with your Xero accounting data if you use Shopify. Connecting Shopify to Xero provides ecommerce store owners with a unified, end-to-end solution. Orders can be imported from Shopify into Xero to eliminate manual data entry. This allows sales to be automatically posted to Xero and payouts to be reconciled.


  1. BigCommerce

BigCommerce integrates with Xero to provide users with a solution that instantly syncs sales and customer data. For automated workflows and real-time data, the software integrates Xero to BigCommerce’s ecommerce platform.


This collection includes some of our recommended XERO eCommerce integrations. These eCommerce software solutions listed above are among the best available on the market today, designed with you and your company’s needs in mind. So take the chance today with these tools designed to automate your accounting processes and integrate them into your eCommerce business, freeing up your time for more important tasks.

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