Have you heard of the term “CRM” before? CRM stands for “Customer Relationship Management,” and it refers to all strategies, techniques, tools, and technologies that businesses use to develop, retain, and acquire customers.


This software ensures that every step of the consumer interaction runs smoothly and efficiently, increasing overall profits. The software collects customer data from various channels. As a result, CRM stores detailed data on overall purchase history, personal information, and even purchasing behavior patterns.


In this article, we will be listing 5 of our top recommendations for the best CRM software that support XERO integration – Work[etc] CRM + Projects, Insightly CRM, Capsule CRM, Prospect CRM, and Solve CRM (in no particular order).


  1. Work[etc] CRM + Projects


Work[etc] CRM records every online activity and interaction with a contact. Work[etc] CRM stores these events in an easy-to-browse timeline, whether it’s a sales email, support ticket, invoice, or product purchase. Through the integration of Work[etc] CRM + Project with XERO, you can enhance XERO’s online accounting features with CRM, project management, time tracking, help desk, and more. You can consolidate invoices in Work[etc] CRM and push them to XERO with a few clicks, accurately track all billable hours across your entire business so you never miss a billing event and provide your own customers with a branded customer portal to share projects, invoices, documents, and manage support tickets.


  1. Insightly CRM


Insightly offers customer relationship management software for small and medium-sized businesses in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, consulting, health and wellness, media, and others. Using the Insightly-Xero integration, your team can track Xero invoices and bills in Contacts, Organizations, Projects, and Opportunities under the Xero sub-tab. Insightly also allows you to create new Xero invoice drafts and add new contacts to Xero with a single click.


  1. Capsule CRM


Capsule is an easy-to-use online CRM designed for small to medium-sized businesses; its capabilities expand as your company grows. Organize and manage your contacts and their histories, as well as add notes, emails, and custom information that is critical to your business. Assign tasks to team members or establish consistent work processes for them to follow to ensure you get the most out of your leads. Capsule and Xero seamlessly integrate to add accounting and invoicing activities to Capsule’s already powerful CRM solution, giving you everything you need to know about your customers on a single page. Keep your customer and supplier information up to date by updating your contacts in Capsule, and they will be automatically updated in Xero. You can even view a summary of invoices and past-due amounts right inside the customer’s contact page, providing you with a complete picture of their account. Spend less time switching between apps and more time cultivating customer relationships.

  1. Prospect CRM


Prospect CRM’s market-leading integration with Xero provides your Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service teams with real-time visibility into customers, stock & inventory, current orders, and sales history whether they are in the office, at home, or on the road. Because of the two-way integration, your entire team is always up to date. By integrating Xero and Prospect CRM, your sales teams will know which products a customer purchases, as well as what’s available today, tomorrow, and next week, allowing them to sell the right product, at the right time, to the right customers – improving stock management, enhancing customer service, and maximizing sales success. Prospect allows you to manage customers and prospects, track sales opportunities, generate quotations, and build orders using all of your Xero data, and finally confirm orders directly into Xero with the click of a button.


  1. Solve CRM


Solve CRM is a customer workflow management CRM for teams. Simplify all record keeping, scheduling, communication, and information sharing – especially if you’re on the go. Solve is an incredibly flexible system with robust Google Calendar and email integrations that has been recognized by thousands of service businesses for outstanding customer support. Notably, it provides HVAC, energy, medical, residential, and consulting services via its exceptional mobile apps and desktop portal. By displaying accounting data in-context on contact and service records, Solve CRM assists your client-facing staff in making better decisions. Solve invoices with a single click, contact sync, and system integration.


The best thing about a CRM system is that it can benefit almost any organizational unit, from sales and customer service to recruiting, marketing, and business development. Good CRM software improves the management of external relationships. CRM capabilities include storing all customer information in one place, recording service issues, identifying sales opportunities, and managing marketing campaigns, to name a few. If some of these CRM software are new to you, how about giving them a shot!

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