Got anyone who is looking to help run their business today, it’s so important to get the right kind of help. The people who you work with and alongside are the bedrock of your business; keeping them optimistic about what the future holds is essential to your longevity as a business owner. If you want to make some good choices, though, we have to ask you one thing.

Who is dealing with the secretarial side of things in your business?

For an unfathomable reason, many business owners simply allow their business to go on without any kind of help or input. They just look to deal with things like secretarial services with a ‘deal with it later’ approach. Not only does every business in Singapore need a verified corporate secretary; every business needs to have someone capable and confident in the hotseat.

If you think that you lack this, then you should absolutely look to make some changes to how you handle your business. Your business should absolutely hire corporate secretarial expertise if you:

  • Don’t have someone doing the job already.
  • Think that you need help with handling secretarial services.
  • Wish to make sure that you comply with Singaporean business management law.
  • Struggle to take on the numerous tasks that a corporate secretary would deal with.

Does my Business need a Corporate Secretary?

Yes, it does – every business needs to have someone on the secretarial hotseat. Without that, you are going to find it harder to comply with Singaporean law when it comes to how you run and manage your business. With that in mind, we recommend that you take the time to look out what kind of secretary you would need.

Most of the time, you want to hire someone who can handle all administrative tasks in your business. They could be an essential part of your business, and should hopefully go towards helping you with things like GST filing (more on that below).

You should look to try and make sure that you hire someone with experience for the role. The team at EBOS can handle just about any kind of secretarial service that you need, so if you are in need of advice then just get in touch with us!

We’ll be more than happy to take a look at your needs for a corporate secretary, ensuring that you can get more done with less. If you think that you would like to have more time to do your own thing, hiring a secretary lifts a major burden.


What can a Corporate Secretary do for me?

It really does depend on what you need done – that is why we recommend hiring someone in the service. They can usually adapt and adjust to ensure that, regardless of what the challenges you face are, you will have someone onside who can handle the challenges that a secretary has to face up to.

The role is very diverse, which is why having someone onside to do the role should be a significant priority. Without one, you might have to consider how you will run some of the most important parts of your business.

It can be tough to get this kind of thing right; that much is certain. With the right secretary, though, you can find that the day-to-day running and management of your business will become far less challenging than it might appear today.

So, for more help in making sure that you satisfy Singaporean law when it comes to business management, be sure to tap into the hiring of a corporate secretary. Your business can only benefit by having someone of that expertise onside, so keep that in mind as you move towards choosing your hire.


What about GST Filing in Singapore?

Of course, hiring someone who is skilled in the art of Goods and Service Tax filing is very important. For any business, paying your GST in good time, and to the right amount, is so important. If you are not spending enough time dealing with GST filing, then it could become a major problem for you in the weeks, months, and years to come!

That is why you should look to hire someone who can handle corporate secretarial services. They can step in, do the job that you need, and ensure that all of the right factors are put in place well ahead of time. For anyone who wants to make sure their business can run easier and simpler, a corporate secretary is just what you need.

Alongside everything listed above, they can help you with the art of GST filing in Singapore. Given how many businesses struggle with this, you should get a nice benefit from hiring someone to handle this side of your business, if nothing else!

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