Is it possible for an EP to start a Company?

Yes. It is possible for an EP holder to start a company. You may be the shareholder and hold 100% of the share. Next, get a Singaporean or Singapore PR partner to work as a local director. If this is not possible, engage with a reputable corporate secretary firm with ACRA licence to assist you as your local director.

To safeguard your liability and responsibilities as a director, always find a local director who is tied to a Cloud Accounting firm. This is because you will have a team of Cloud Accounting specialist to spearhead your business while you travel in and out of Singapore for business.

Is it possible for an EP to become the director?

An EP can only be a director of the company for which the EP is issued. You can only be the sole director if your EP is tied to your new company. To be truthful, not all EP can obtain EP under its own new company immediately. As your Cloud Accountant, we believe in guiding you to success in obtaining your EP and scale your company to the next height. Once your EP application is approved, we will transfer the directorship to our personal name. EBOS has a high success rate by working hand in hand with foreign entrepreneurs.

What do I need to prepare if I am interested?

  1. Start your company
  2. Set up Payroll
  3. Application of EP

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