A company secretary in Singapore plays a vital role in the growth and success of a company. Therefore, every company must appoint a company secretary. They act as the backbone of every company when it comes to keeping up with legal compliance and proper use in Singapore. Our qualified local Singaporean professionals will meet this requirement.


We will appoint a qualified local individual to your Company ACRA records. Your Company Secretary will safely keep all official documents, and you can retrieve them at any time. With their boundless knowledge about the internal governance of the company and the associated regulations in Singapore, their services are often relied upon for advice and solutions. Thus, we can help your company plan and execute your corporate transactions and help you excel at every step of your business journey.



Why do companies require a company secretary in Singapore?

According to the Singapore government law, every company must appoint a corporate secretary, and companies should hire a corporate secretary at least within six months of incorporation required by ACRA.

You must be aware that the Company Secretary must be a Singapore resident (permanent resident or citizen). However, if you are a foreigner and wish to set up your business in Singapore, it is advisable to come to our Service.

Whether you are a start-up company, a private company, or a multi-national firm looking to establish your company in Singapore and abroad, we can help you seamlessly run a business in Singapore.

we  can provide  effortless company secretary services in Singapore, and  we can handle all of your requirements, such as

  • ensuring compliance with the Company’s Constitution, AGM, and Annual Returns
  • maintaining and keeping the registers of the company
  • supervising the issue on the allotment of shares, capital meetings, entre pass, and restructuring duties.


What are the responsibilities of the Company Secretary?

A company Corporate Secretary’s responsibilities are to prepare general meetings, maintain the annual requirements for the firm, prepare general meetings, and define and update the duties of each shareholder and administrator.

This role may involve responsibilities such as taxes, accounting records, and they are also responsible for the company’s compliance with the law. It translates to drafting, maintaining, and organizing multiple essential documents.

The company secretary in Singapore handles numerous roles, ranging from administration to preparation of meeting agendas. It includes Maintenance of Minutes (AGM), Corporate Statutory filing Preparation of AGMs, Board Meetings, and Advising on legal and compliance frameworks.

Your corporate secretary should possess wide knowledge about legal and compliance frameworks and the internal controls and management of a company. In addition, your secretary will frequently communicate with directors of your company and investors to develop new strategies and aid in their decision-making process.


What are our company’s secretarial services?

Our Company Secretarial Services may include the following:

  • Involves in advising the board and its committees on governance matters.
  • We are providing or procuring advice for directors regarding applying the Act, company constitution, and other legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Preparation of the company’s annual financial statements compiled by the Financial Reporting Standards of Singapore
  • Preparation of Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • Preparation of Annual Returns with Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA).
  • Advises the board and committees on governance matters.
  • Coordinating the timely completion as well as the despatch of board and committee
  • Advise Directors and Shareholders on your duties, power, and responsibilities.
  • Helps to organize and facilitate the induction and professional development of directors.


Why do you need to choose our Service?

When it comes to corporate Secretary Services, our Service is the best choice for you. Here are the reasons why you have to choose our Service:


Corporate secretary functions as the backbone of your company’s administrative and compliance-related matters. Failure to perform these duties by legal demands possibly resulting in serious repercussions to the company. Hence your company secretary should possess the necessary skills and capabilities to discharge these functions.



We will appoint you a local qualified individual to be registered in your Company ACRA records.



We keep monitoring your internal controls and will ensure that your company is always ready and prepared for each growth stage and provide you with the support you need to bring your company further.



We settle your companies deadlines and other tedious responsibilities. It will help to gain more time and energy to concentrate on other crucial business processes in your company.