According to entrepreneur.com, employee motivation is “using both tangible and intangible rewards to keep employees enthusiastic, loyal and interested in continued improvement”.

Salary is not the only thing that motivates employees to work for a company. People prefer a better working environment than a better salary in the long run. Bosses can do their best within their means to make it possible for the employees.

Use these 5 tips to make sure that your employees are energized and inspired to produce the best results possible.

1. Satisfaction

Employee satisfaction is the extent to which employees are happy or content with their jobs and work environment. Organisations must ensure continual employee motivation at work. A happy employee might be perfectly content doing the bare minimum required to keep his or her job. These employees are likely “very satisfied” with their jobs. They are unlikely to leave the company, but they are not necessarily adding value.

To create a better work environment, our organisation practices a flexible work (flexi-work) arrangements.  One of our co-worker, Anita, mother of two young kids who is an ACCA graduate works on a half day basic.  By noon, she can enjoys taking care of her kids who have just returned from the school.  When there is a need to be away from office for sport day , she can arrange to come to the office on another day.

This has been widely practised in the developed countries and have proven to be beneficial to both employers and employees.  Our organisation is able to practice flexi-work arrangement with proper planning of team work to ensure that our client’s gets the attention they requires.

Talented and motivated employees expect more from companies, such as flexible hours, rewards and recognition scheme, opportunities for career growth, open-door policy or anything else – and “satisfy” these needs.

When you have satisfied employees, you are likely to have happier customers.

2. Appreciation

Appreciation is an effective morale booster. The more frequent it is, the better it motivates employees. A pat on the back, a few encouraging words, a thank you note are all simple ways to convey to your employees that you care for them and hold in regard their services to your organization.

Example of a thank you email.
“You have proved to be a motivating team leader as well, and we appreciate you for your diligence and enthusiasm. By managing the tough project of JRIO holding Pte Ltd, you have set a benchmark for yourself and inspired your fellow co-worker to excel together.”

3. Recognition

Employees like to learn that their work in the organization is taken note of, and that they are considered as assets to the organization. You can recognise their effort by praising them during the weekly meeting upon a good review from customers.

Recognizing effort and achievement is self-reinforcing. When the employee feels that they are an asset, they will work hard to maintain the standard of services to customer. This is turn creates a better experience for your customers who is being serviced by a happy employee.

4. Inspiration

Before you can inspire employees, you have to start communicating. If the employees do not have a clue of what is going on, they will not take any action. Therefore, it is always best to allow all members of the company to share their ideas and discuss them. Be an inspiring person first by being passionate about the goals of the organization. Let your employees see that you act upon your inspiration. Actions followed by words.

5. Rewards

Monetary rewards or tangible rewards can be part of your employee motivation factors. The right rewards should be given to the right employees at the right time. Verbal or written recognition letters should follow after rewards to recognise the employees’ effort.

Start motivating your employees today!

A little pat on their shoulder saying ‘You did well in the meeting with Mr Tan from Xero Pte Ltd ’ will brighten up the company’s atmosphere!

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