Manage your company spending efficiently. Company cards, local & overseas invoice payment, approval-based spending and accounting automation

Spenmo Accounting


  • Spenmo combines spend approvals, physical and virtual cards, automated local and
    overseas bill payments for businesses
  • Ebos recommends Spenmo for all the SMBs who want to manage every dollar from
    start to end by automating and tracking their Account Payables through one

  • Spenmo is a payment layer between your banks and accounting 
    software, empowering companies to control their funds with ease and flow their expense data into their accounting software.

Key features of Spenmo

  • Issue physical cards and virtual cards to handle all offline and online business spend
  • Add your team and set rules to give each expense an owner
  • Spend request and approval process
  • Pay directly to your vendors’ bank accounts
  • View spend by department, employee, team, or vendor in real-time.
  • 0% FX markup when you use our cards
  • Access various credit products from revolving credit to term loans to invoice financing
  • Integration with your accounting software

3-months FREE trial includes

  • Unlimited virtual cards and one physical card per employee
  • 4 free local and overseas invoice payments per month
  • Access to all features on the Spenmo app

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