As your business begins to grow and expand, you’ll soon find yourself overwhelmed with admin work. From an endless stream of emails to hundreds of phone calls a week, you simply won’t have the time to answer every query. This is when corporate secretarial services can begin helping you throughout your process of expansion. A company secretary will help to take care of admin jobs for you, helping to free up time that you can spend focusing on other areas of your business. The best company secretarial services will make sure that all queries and updates are brought directly to you in a format that’s easy to understand- further freeing up your time and reducing stress caused by overwhelming emails. But how can you find the best corporate secretary for your business? What traits should you look for and where should you look? Here is a guide on how you can find the best secretarial services that suit your business model.

  • Look For Particular Traits

Although the skills required for a corporate secretary will differ from one business to another, there are particular traits that all skilled secretaries will have. These traits will ensure they provide you with a fantastic job year after year. Here are the main traits you should look out for.

  • Effective Communication

Make sure that any company secretarial services you consider guarantee an effective level of communication. Not only is this important for communication within your business, but your secretary will often be the first point of contact for your clients, business partners and stakeholders. Ensuring this particular individual has clear, comprehensive communication skills will make sure that each point is made effectively, as well as promote an outstanding first impression for your company.

  • Organisational Insights

If a potential client calls your business and finds that your secretary has little to no knowledge of your business, this is going to leave a very bad first impression. Making sure your secretarial team has an in-depth understanding of your business will allow them to go above and beyond for your customers. An additional benefit of this knowledge is that your secretary will be able to manage the hustle-and-bustle of the office floor. With this knowledge, they can make sure everything is running as it should, whilst simultaneously providing you with feedback as to how you can make improvements.

  • Detail Focused

As your business grows, being on top of the key details of any project is crucial. The slightest mistake can ruin even the best-planned event. With other members of your team being directly involved in these projects, they can easily miss details during the stress of the process. When using corporate secretarial services that are trained to find even the smallest error, you can prevent any minor problems and make sure that your project runs as smoothly as possible.

  • The Ability To Act Independently

As you become busier throughout your day to day routine, it’s important that your secretary acts independently when required to. They must make decisions throughout the day, taking full responsibility for the results. Rather than running each call/ email by you, they have to take on these responsibilities, freeing up your time to focus on other tasks. Your secretary should only seek your approval when it comes to larger, more significant decisions. On top of this, a secretary should also be able to provide you with alternative advice if they believe you are making a mistake or a poor decision. This will allow you to look at things from an alternative perspective and make more well-rounded decisions.

  • The Skill To Effectively Plan

Running your day to day schedule is extremely busy. From important meetings, last-minute visits and team building days are just a few of the things your secretary will need to organise on a daily basis. Due to your busy schedule, it’s unlikely you will be able to plan these things yourself. This is why the skills of planning is so important when looking for corporate secretarial services. A continuously poorly planned schedule can have adverse impacts both internally and externally on your business.

  • Commitment

As a manager, you will want your secretary to be loyal to your business and operations. Maintaining a long term working relationship is ideal as you will begin to work in harmony with one another. This is why you see many secretaries travel with their managers overseas when moving the business.

  • Where To Find A Good Secretary?

Now you understand the key traits and skills to look for in a great secretary, where can you find one? With so many options available around the globe, how can you find a secretary who is well-suited to your business?

You must begin by looking at your current operations. How busy is your current schedule, how many employees do you have and what are your plans for the future. By answering these questions, you can begin to understand the type of secretary you’re looking for. Once you have an understanding of your current circumstances, you can begin searching for your ideal candidate.

There are many online sites you can use to search for company secretarial services, many of which will match you with an individual who aligns with your business. Alternatively, you can also work directly with a recruitment agency who will help you to find a great candidate based on your specifications. They will search based on your requirements, taking on the recruitment process for you. If you want to search for yourself, there are also many freelancing platforms in which you can interview several candidates to find the best option for your business. No matter what option you choose, make sure they have the right skill set for your needs.

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