How to Increase your Chance to Get an Employment Pass



The MOM requires the salary of applicants to be commensurate with the applicant’s skill level and be competitive enough to meet the manpower needs of the country’s economy. An applicant’s salary should be at least S$3,600. However, someone with extensive experience in their field will demand a higher salary amount. This is especially true to the director who is getting an employment pass for their newly formed start-up.

Applicants who have been getting less than $5,000 has reported not able to obtain the EP while directors should be paid at least $10,000 to secure an EP. This is because the MOM does not want the applicant’s salary to match or compete with local talent.

Qualifications and experiences

An applicant’s skills should portray appropriate relevance to the job scope of the job which the applicant is pursuing.  Relevant certificates and testimonial will be crucial to make your application outstanding against thousands of other foreign talents.

Business Plan

If the applicant’s company is still new and in the early stages of its growth, a viable business model is required to build the profile of the company. It is best to demonstrate a three-year financial projection and include details of proposed business activities in Singapore. Applicants who also emphasize future hiring plans for Singaporeans are likely to win favour with the authorities.

This business plan will give information on the applicant’s plans and intentions to positively contribute to the republic. Most business plans usually consist of three to four pages of text, with effective visual aids serving as supporting information.

Paid-up Capital

EP applicants who own a company need to provide evidence that their company has a sufficient amount of paid-up capital. This would inform the MOM that the applicant’s company has the financial viability to pay out salaries consistently.

Generally speaking, the minimum amount paid-up capital is S$50,000. However, there are multiple instances where start-up company would need to prepare a paid up capital that could last for 3 years.

The MOM has been clamping down on companies which are not financially viable enough to support the payments of employees’ salaries as well as other business expenses. Therefore, EP applicants who own companies with low amounts of paid-up capital are unlikely to have their EP applications accepted.

Industry sector

An EP application will have a higher success rate if the applicant is from an industry that is highly appreciated by the Singapore government. An example is a high salaried research personnel getting a position in medical or pharmaceutical institution. The type of position in a niche role will be advantages to your application for EP.

Jobs Bank requirement 

The Singaporean government is required to prioritize locals during the hiring process. As such, employers must advertise the job in the Jobs Bank for at least 14 days . Only when there are no locals applying for the job can employers consider hiring foreign employees.

This requirement was put in place to aid the government scheme known as the Fair Consideration Framework (FCF). This scheme is intended to make companies consider Singaporeans before hiring foreigners.

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Our Services include : 

  • Pre-application consultation
  • Drafting and preparing of Business Plan
  • Preparing of documents for filing with MOM
  • Tracking of application status while under processing
  • Liaising with MOM officer in charge for special case
  • Responding to MOM’s request
  • Arranging for issuance of Work Pass upon in-principle approval (IPA)
  • Filing of appeal in chase of rejection of application



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