In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity…

As fear and doubt will always find their way into our consciousness when we attempt to go beyond, I faced setbacks in trying to achieve work-life balance. In other companies, I found it hard to find time to further my study.

I seek to improve myself and needed a better allocation of time between work and school. The company has been open to accommodating to my needs and is highly supportive in my decision by providing flexible work arrangement. The continued assistance from the company has allowed me to fulfil my wish in gaining more accounting knowledge.

Contrary to previous jobs, I was only assigned to do partial accounting and was not able to grasp a full picture of the accounts. Now I’m glad to be given the opportunity to handle different types of accounts from various industries. It has certainly helped me gain a better understanding in accounting.

With new knowledge gained, I can help companies to jumpstart their businesses in book-keeping while my teammates help the business to improve their workflow, internal control and financial status. We work as a team and help each other when one has to be away to care the sick child, to attend the little child’s sports day and to be in school for class.

​I hope more companies will create flexible work arrangement and also support EBOS so that we can continue to help fellow like-minded people to excel in their business.


* Yanli who is a dog lover is too shy to share her own photo. Nevertheless, she is never shy to put in an extra effort for the client who needs her assistance.

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