With the Technology age well upon us, it is not uncommon to see new technology that is disrupting yet another field of life. Whether it was Uber with shared transport or AirBnb with shared housing, a lot of techs have enabled smaller investors to start earning from a huge market like transport or hospitality/tourism.

Thus, it is the same with software companies offering solutions to companies. One great example is SAP offering Enterprise Resource Planning to large companies and automating the majority of the admin work related to procurement et cetera and reducing clerical mistakes by a huge margin. However, many such technology-based solutions are rather expensive, especially for smaller companies. Even if you are running a smaller company successfully sometimes you just don’t have initial the capital required to start using services like SAP.

But here’s some brilliant news for Small and Medium business owners!
Cloud accounting is here! It is the ability to do all of your accounts online without any hassle of having to do all the math or having to memorize all of the tax laws. So essentially if you can input all of the data of expenses and sales into this software, you get all the accounting done for you automatically!

And the best part?


I know it doesn’t sound realistic!
But here’s the deal, if you sign up for Financio Premium, then you get a product which was custom built for “small, micro and growing businesses”. It helps you by doing all of those pesky calculations itself. All you need to do is enter all the relevant data in all of the relevant places and your accounting is done!

Extra perks!

But it does not end there!

There is more to this free cloud accounting software that you can use to grow your business.


Here’s a couple of the most important and useful features:

  1. All in one: Now you can just add your banking, sales, and expenses all in one place and you end up with automated reports for your year-end!
  2. Invoices for Customers etc.: You get professional quality invoices, right from the software which you can email to the relevant people.
  3. Need a GST compliant solution for Singapore? Financio allows the generation of form F5 in just a few clicks.
  4. Multiple levels of access for a large number of employees: Do you want to divide the load and also make sure each type of employee gets limited access? Well then, Financio in Singapore is the best option for your small and upcoming business because it offers exactly that!

So, here is essentially what that means:

  • You get to divide the accounting workload into each of the relevant teams who are responsible for their own transactions
  • There is a foolproof backup of every financial transaction of your company
  • You do not have to worry about the math, because it is automated and already a proven software in the industry
  • Cost? What Cost? It is free of cost and that is not even the best part!
  • You get to be smart about which employee gets access to which data and especially with respect to editing the data you can super choose about who gets to add the sales data for example.
  • NO accounting knowledge? NO problem!

So, with such an offer on the table, here’s the minimum you should do: Take a chance and start automating your accounting needs without increasing running costs. This actually increases your worker’s productivity as it will show them that you are not always going to be a small business. And that you are willing to leverage technology to make your employees’ lives easier and make your company’s profits bigger.

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