Business Visa

Relocating To Singapore

Foreigners who wishes to migrate their businesses and family members to Singapore will require the services of an Immigration Specialist.

In EBOS, our team of specialists are here to help make it happen so that business migration can be transited seamlessly.

Meticulous planning and feasibility market studies are the winning formula to materialise their business expansion plan in Singapore.


With Singapore being a business-friendly country, high-end industries such as innovative technology creation, application and R&D-intensive enterprises are welcomed by Singapore government. If your business falls into this category, you can obtain an Entrepass as your Business Visa in Singapore.

Criteria for EntrePass

For Entrepreneurs 

  • Track record in managing a business successfully
  • Official recognition by national bodies, media publications or credible industrial organisations for your professional, business or entrepreneurial achievements
  • Received funding of a minimum of S$100,000 by venture capitalists or angel investors

For Innovators

  • Hold an Intellectual Property which deliver a competitive advantage against your competitors
  • Research collaboration with recognized institutions such as A*STAR
  • An incubator at a government-approved incubator or accelerator

Compulsory Business Plan

  • Applicant profile
  • Qualification
  • Roles in Societies or Organisations
  • Business Profiles such as product and services
  • Market Analysis
  • Supporting documents such as IP and agreements
  • Existing business financial statement
  • Implementations Business Plan
  • Profile of management team
  • Operations plan
  • 3 Years Financial forecast

If you are a foreigner and wants high success rate, please contact EBOS Cloud Accountant. We will provide you with a suitable solution even when you cannot get an Entrepass.

EBOS builds a team to support your venture into Singapore, the gate to ASEAN.

Our Business Visa Team

  • Incorporation Specialist
  • Business Specialist such as F & B, FinTech and Investment Holding, Enrichment School etc
  • Cloud Accounting Specialist
  • Commercial Property Specialist
  • Residential Specialist
  • Human Resource Specialist
  • Intellectual Property Specialist
  • Commercial Lawyer
  • And More….

Unlike any other firms, EBOS holds your hand together to ensure that you will successfully set up a business and bring your family to Singapore.