Setup your business company in British virgin islands (BVI)

Fast incorporation to the best offshore jurisdiction for International Business Invesment

INcorpation of british virgin island (BVI)

Company – from $2,500

It’s in the middle of the region, it’s political stable & transparent policies

For Incorporation of new company

BVI Company Registration for a company with share capital of no more than 50,000 shares is USD$2,500 and for a company with share capital of over 50,000 shares is USD$3,500.

The fees covers;

– First year license fee
– First year registered agent and registered office
– One complete company kit
– Incorporation service charge
– Full set Incorporation Documents
– Share Certificate
– Memorandum & Articles
– Company Statutory Records


(1) An extra fee of USD$200 is applicable if a Chinese name is also registered

(2) The fees stated above does not include delivery fee, if any


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Company Renewal & Other items price list (Refer to the attachment)

Company Renewal Lead Day Price (US$)
on or before due date 1 1,300
not over 60 days after due date 1 1,390
  within 61 – 150 days after due date 1 1,750
151 days or over after due date 2 By Quotation
on or before due date 1 2,800
not over 60 days after due date 1 3,040
within 61 – 150 days after due date 1 4,000
151 days or over after due date 2 By Quotation
Company Restoration 30 By Quotation


Other Items Lead Day    Price (USD$)
Change of Company Name 13 660
Change of Authorized Shares 10 2,400
Any Changes of Director (Filing of Register of Director(s) included) 10 720
Any Changes of Shareholder 1 Free
Registration of Register of Member(s) 10 720
Registration of Resolution 10 780
Registration of Charge 13 900
Registration of Cessation of Charges 13 900
Legalisation of Document – by China (PRC) Embassy 28 4,400
Legalisation of Document – by Taiwan (ROC) Embassy 28 4,400
Legalisation of Document – other countries By Quotation
Provision of Legal Opinion By Quotation
Dissolution 93 2,600
Certificate of Incumbency (Standard) 3 220
Certificate of Incumbency (Descriptive) 3 340
Certificate of Registered Agent 3 220
Certificate of Good Standing 8 280
Duplicate Copy of Certificate of Incorporation 13 340
Certified True Copy by BVI Registry (per document) 13 340
Certified True Copy by OCS (per document) 2 120
Certificate of Tax Exemption 12 440
Declaration of Economic Substance 1 440
Company Search 5 220
Re-printing M&A (5 Booklets) 5 120
Share Certificates (10 Sheets) 5 120
Company Chop (1 set) 2 120
Company Kit 1 120
Courier Fees By Quotation
Transfer In : Appoint OCS as Register Agent 10 Free
Transfer Out : Change of Registered Agent 10 1300
Bank Account Opening Referral Service 60 900

*Prices are subjected to changes. We reserve the right to amend any of the prices and relevant terms without any notice.

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